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Brand story

In September 2012, the amateur team (ahq predecessor) sponsored by Corsair and SSWIE lost to the current world champion TPA in the League of Legends World Qualifier. The founder of ahq, Xie Songyou, was not discouraged, but felt deeply: There are some e-sports talents in Taiwan. If no one is willing to invest in the source, who will help Taiwan and help these children?" As the pioneer of e-sports in Taiwan, Xie Boss paid the young players full-time treatment and established a sound Institutional norms, full of blood and hope, finally gave birth to the most grassroots team in Taiwan.

Compared with the giants of the world, the ahq deep in Taiwan is not a resourceful place. On the road to promoting e-sports, whenever encountering difficulties, Xie Boss always encourages everyone: "How can you give up easily?" Inspire hundreds of young people who love e-sports, invest in the most precious time and youth, and pursue excellence with the "dream spokesperson" ahq, to let the world see Taiwan on the battlefield of competition.